Outsourcing is dead, long live outsourcing!

We are 3 friends with scary amount of combined years in IT services. All that time has given us a rich set of experiences in a wealth of places in IT services. While some have been experienced together, most have been widely experienced. In coming together, we have made the remarkable observation that much of what we have seen is common to the 3 of us. As we compared notes, we found that there are strong principles in the IT services space, industry, and among players that are common, predictable, and methodical but are never discussed in industry. We want to discuss them. We want to turn the light on for our friends and for the industry.

For example, outsourcing has been around since before the agricultural revolution, where civilization began to leverage what they were good at and started to goods and services for more than just themselves. This approach is echoed in the modern business, where we strive to create products and services for others. Today, however, we work in a growing, complex, global marketplace, looking for ways to become more efficient in how we deliver our services. As long as businesses continue to drive towards greater efficiencies, profitability and speed to market, there will be outsourcing.

This site brings an IT service provider’s inside view to outsourcing, and demonstrate how this knowledge can be used to maintain control and achieve your business’ success. Along the way we will look at the phases of outsourcing, the types of providers in the IT services market, and how, along with some frameworks, executives can get the outcomes they want from IT.

The site is structured against the life-cycle of outsourcing (strategy, procurement, transition, operations, and disengagement) and is aimed to become the go-to handbook for readers. Whilst there are other publications on the subject, this site aims to provide a unique insider view, brought to life with real-world examples, and illustrating how not to be trapped by an outsourcing agreement, but to exploit it allowing the reader’s business’s to utilize it to both transform and continually innovate.

The Outsourcing Yoda’s

George Geno is an IT solutions executive with deep experience in designing and winning successful, large, complex, enterprise IT transformations and outsourcing contracts. He has been in outsourcing since 1993 with tenure at IBM, Unisys, CSC and Bell Techlogix. His responsibilities have spanned all phases of the outsourcing transaction on the service provider’s side. He has managed pre-sales staff and won engagements across the globe for transactions ranging from $50,000 to $22 billion in all sectors of the economy. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science, a Master’s of Business Administration, and a number of professional certifications.

Ian Krieger is a Principal Executive Consultant as part of the ServiceNow Inspire executive advisory program focused on helping G2K top executives with business transformation. Prior to this Ian was a principal consultant and solutions executive for IBM Global Services in Sydney, Australia and CTO for Unisys Corporation in Sydney and Tokyo. His career spans deep technical through to executive management roles in IT and non-IT firms. He has been working within the global outsourcing business since 1994 with tenures at IBM, Unisys, Fujitsu, and several other boutique outsourcing and technology consulting firms. He holds a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of New South Wales, along with numerous professional certifications.

David Cole is a certified ITIL Expert with over 25 years of experience as a training manager, business process architect, consultant, project manager, and product manager. David recently retired to Toronto, Canada from a career as a Senior Process Consultant, where he performed ITSM and ISO/IEC 20000 assessments and process re-engineering for major clients, as well as developing and delivering training for process improvement and governance frameworks. Dave is a recognized process methodology expert and has 9 patents for various business systems management methodologies in IBM’s outsourcing unit. He is professionally skilled in the numerous disciplines associated with managed service provider operations. Dave holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in English, a Bachelor’s of Arts in Education, and a Master’s in Education, a degree in Computer Programming and Systems Analysis as well as a number of professional certifications.

Unless stated otherwise, the opinions, positions, or material found here and in our blog represents our own and do not necessarily reflect the view of our current or past employers, or those of our current or past clients and customers.